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So how does coaching work?

Coaching is a powerful, collaborative process between you and your coach. You bring your hopes and dreams and willingness to work hard. And I, as your coach, bring a variety of coaching tools, insights, intuition, life experience and 100% commitment to you having the life of your dreams. Then we get together, roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Discovery Session: To jump start our work together, we have an initial discovery session. Here we uncover and clarify your passions and vision for a deeply fulfilling life, design how we can best work together, and set concrete goals for our coaching.

Coaching Appointments: Then we schedule regular coaching appointments by telephone two or three times per month, depending on your individual needs.

Support Between Coaching Appointments: Life, with its successes and challenges, happens between coaching appointments. That’s why I encourage you to check-in with me between appointments by email if you need a sounding board or to share a success or a challenge.


Coaching is basically a four-step process.

Step 1: I help you get clear on what you truly want in your life. Every person is unique and what constitutes a rich, fulfilling, joyful life is different for each of us. This is why it is so important that you get to know yourself - Who are you? What do you truly want in life? What are you passionate about? What are your core values? What beliefs, thoughts or habits hold you back from living your best life? How can you move beyond the things that keep you stuck and create the life of your dreams?

Step 2: As you get clear on what you want, you may think “Yes, but,” and come up with all the reasons why your dreams are impossible to achieve. As your coach, I help you to overcome these obstacles. You’ll develop empowering belief systems and move beyond your self-imposed limitations.

Step 3: As you start thinking “outside the box,” new ideas and opportunities open up. You're now free to make choices based on these new options.

Step 4: You get into action and do some homework (sometimes self-assigned and sometimes assigned by me) to deepen your learning about yourself or try out some of the new ideas you have or take advantage of opportunities that reveal themselves. This is the meat of the journey. Only through experience and exploration can you say “Yes, this is it!” or “No, this is not it.”

And then, it’s back to Step 1. It’s a feedback loop. You learn about yourself and take inspired action based on that learning. Then, as you take this action, you learn even more about yourself and take more action based on this new learning, and so on. It takes courage and initiative and yet it’s simple. Continue this four-step process and before you know it, you’ve created an abundant and deeply fulfilling life!

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