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Lynn is a great coach, skilled and intuitive. I loved her calm and well paced coaching style. She helped me work through a challenging decision by using creative and interesting coaching techniques. She brings unique tools to help her clients breakthrough barriers and helped me find the courage to "make the leap" and speak up for what I want. I highly recommend her.

~ Margie


Wow! I realized.... you changed my life! Or... better yet, helped me see how to change it! I was badly stuck and didn't see how to get out of that rut. You gave me some specific strategies to battle my "gremlins" and just to observe negative thoughts rather than get hijacked by them. I was finally able to focus on my goals rather than my anxiety about my goals. Since working with you, I've gotten THREE papers submitted, survived a major emotional whirlwind calmly, and made a major move. I look back on where I was beforehand and I just can't believe it. THANK YOU!

~ Elise


Two years ago around this time I woke up inside of my self in the ARMY... with a successful military career, lots of money in the bank, nice clothes, nice cars, nice pad and ALONE... lonely hell contemplating having to go on another military deployment! It was at that time that I started looking for a LIFE coach to help me transition my mind from thinking I could not make it outside of the Army and to help me to allow myself to LOVE again! Her name is Lynn and she was successful and THAT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST DECISIONS I have ever made!

~ Erika
San Diego


Lynn was an unbelievable help to me while I was unemployed. It was a prolonged period of time that left me feeling afraid and uncertain of what direction to take. Another unfortunate byproduct was the toll it took on my self confidence, which was the last thing I needed heading off to interviews. Lynn guided me through a number of exercises that enabled me to see what I truly wanted and what was most important. She also led me to examine what was happening when my self confidence or optimism took a dive. Understanding the triggers helped alleviate the pain by allowing me to move more quickly through these rough patches. Lynn is an extremely compassionate and thoughtful coach. Her peaceful demeanor allowed me to work though the process without ever feeling rushed or judged. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

~ Kristin


Lynn is an incredible coach. She has a deeply centered way about her, but guides our coaching sessions with a light and playful ease at the same time. She clearly has a deeply intuitive sense about people, which seems to effortlessly guide her toward questions and insights about myself I hadn't been able to access on my own. She is thoughtful, caring, professional, and extremely intelligent. I recommend Lynn as a coach for just about anyone for anything!

~ Melissa Maher
Oakland, CA


Lynn is FABULOUS!  What a difference it has made to have her in my life!  She is so easy to talk with and enables me to brainstorm with her. Together, we figure out a new plan during each session.  It allows me to see that I have control over what happens in my life.  Schedules and other people don’t control me.  These are some incredible changes I have noticed since starting to talk with Lynn less than three months ago:

  • I finally understand how it feels to "Live in the Moment."
  • I no longer cringe when I hear the word "relax."
  • I’ve reduced my anti-depressant medication. (I’m working on getting off of it completely.)
  • I no longer feel the need to "get everything done NOW!"
  • I don’t feel so stressed when I have time constraints or when I have so much to accomplish.
  • I’ve realized what a difference it makes in those around me when I put myself "at the top of the list."
  • My family life is much better. We’re all happier now that I am!
  • I have better focus and clarity.
  • I feel more energized and interested in participating in more activities.
  • I have more self-esteem and self-confidence.

I’m a work-in-progress. It’s not always easy being on this road, but it’s definitely worth staying on it. Thank you so much, Lynn!!

~ Denise
Ossining, New York


Lynn is a gifted coach who brings a balanced approach of real world transition experience from the Navy to civilian life and Life coaching to her clients. I had the pleasure of being coached by Lynn who always made me feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable with her and share some of my deepest concerns. Lynn has a gift of asking the right questions and providing insight at the right time making her the perfect choice for any concern - personal or professional. She is an excellent listener who helped me through some major transitions in my life with ease and grace. I would highly recommend her to anyone in transition looking for a Life coach.  

~ Meeta Vyas
Pleasonton, CA